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Useful tools for developing REST services with django-tastypie
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Useful tools for developing REST services with django-tastypie

NOTE: This repository is not being actively maintained, I'm doing a new version of this and I'm splitting the code into 3 parts: - Which handles mockup models creation for unit testing - Which handles automatic web tastypie api documentation (it depends on django-chocolate)

And I still need to define a 3rd part which will cover automatic test generation for fuzzy testing and code quality.

The new code base is still new and lacks a lot of documentation. But is still recommended.



What iss It Look Like?

Asuming you have a tastypie implemented api, a basic example looks like:

# myapp/api/
# ============
from tastytools.api import Api
from resources import MyModelResource, AnotherResource, YetAnotherResource

api = Api()
api.register(resources=[AnotherResource, YetAnotherResource])

from tastypie.api import Api
from my_app.api.resources import MyModelResource

api_name = 'v1'
v1_api = Api(api_name=api_name)

urlpatterns = patterns('',
  # ...more URLconf bits here...
  # Then add:
  (r'^tastytools/', include('tastytools.urls'), {'api_name': api_name}),

That gets you a basic automatic documentation for your api at /tastytools/doc/

You can find more in the documentation at

What is tastytools?

Useful tools for developing REST services with django-tastypie

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