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Gem in a Box Secure

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Really simple secure rubygem hosting

Gem in a Box Secure is a very basic branch of the awesome Gem in a box - a simple sinatra app to allow you to host your own in-house gems. The main difference here is the secure flavor provides configurable forced SSL and HTTP basic auth.

Server Setup

gem install geminabox-secure

Create a as follows:

require "rubygems"
require "geminabox-secure" = "/var/geminabox-data" # …or wherever
GeminaboxSecure.force_ssl = true #if you want SSL redirects enabled
run GeminaboxSecure

Set environment variables for your username and password: GEMBOX_USER and GEMBOX_PASSWORD, respectively. Gem in a Box Secure defaults to "admin" and "s3cret" respectively if these are not set.

Set up your SSL certificates for your server of choice.

And finally, hook up the as you normally would (passenger, thin, unicorn, whatever floats your boat).

Client Usage

gem install geminabox-secure

gem inaboxsecure pkg/my-awesome-gem-1.0.gem



Fork it, mod it, choose it, use it, make it better. All under the do what the fuck you want to + beer/pizza public license.