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Magic Mirror Module for OneBusAway
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Alt text

A module for the Magic Mirror.

This module displays ETA for buses using the OneBusAway API


To install, clone this repository into your modules folder. Then add the following to your configuration file:

    module: 'MMM-OneBusAway',
    position: 'top_right',
    config: {
        stopId: "1_2672",    //the stop id you want to see the buses ETA
        buses: ["1_102581"], //the list of buses you want to filter on
        maxResults: 5,      //number of next bus departures to show
        fadeSpeed: 1000 * 60 // 1 minute

To get the stopId you want for your location you can use the OneBusAway API with the lattitude and longitude of the stop you want.

Configuration Options

The following properties can be configured:

Options Description
stopId Can be changed to any string, must be a valid stopId known by OneBusAway API
buses List of any string that you want to filter on, must be a valid routeId known by OneBusAway API
maxResults Number of maximum bus departures to show
fadeSpeed The refresh interval for the buses ETA, in milliseconds
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