Juju-GUI is a web-based GUI for Juju <https://jujucharms.com/>.
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Welcome. Juju-GUI is a web-based GUI for Juju. Juju lets you deploy connected services to the cloud in a convenient, vendor-neutral, and powerful way. The GUI lets you visualize and manage your work more intuitively from a web browser.

Juju-GUI code is hosted on Github

Juju-GUI bugs are tracked on on Github Issues.

See also:


Deploying the GUI is easiest with the juju quickstart plugin or the Juju GUI charm. If you want to simply use the GUI, please try those.

If you want to develop the GUI, or you have a deployment goal that the charm does not and cannot support, you can try the Makefile commands. The most useful available commands are shown by the make help command. If you've never run the GUI locally you'll want to start by executing make sysdeps to install some required system-wide dependencies. If you don't want those dependencies installed on your machine you may want to do the development work in a virtual machine or LXC.

To deploy a local environment you can run make server, which will launch with appropriate development settings. To mimic a production server run make qa-server.

See the HACKING file for more details on developing and contributing to the project.


Some configurable parameters may be found in three files:

  • config.js
  • app/config-debug.js
  • app/config-prod.js

If you are using the Juju GUI charm, the end-user configuration is available from the charm configuration.