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Mono Wrapper and Standalone Microservice for GroupAl
C# Java Dockerfile
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GroupAL.KOM			last updated: 17 April 2015

The respository is basically structured by re-implementation of GroupAL in different programming languages (originating from C#).

Each programming languages folder structure is different due to the characteristics of IDEs and compile/usage differences.
Probably you will find several plugin extensions inside that allow an easier usage of GroupAL e.g. with your E-Learning system.

All contributions and code are published under the GPL v3 licence (see extra file in repository root). The code is published and granted access to "as it is" with no waranty. The license can be briefly characterized by "free-of-charge usage with naming the source, changes, additions and translations have to be published under same GPL conditions (made available to the community)".

Thanks for your interest in GroupAL and happy coding!
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