A set of functions for vimux that allow to run code blocks in ipython
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See https://github.com/julienr/vim-cellmode for new version of this plugin.

This is a vim bundle containing some additional, python-specific, functions on top of vimux : https://github.com/benmills/vimux/

This plugin allow to select a block of python code in vim and send it to the vimux tmux split. The assumption is that ipython (or python) is running in said tmux split and this allow to execute a file chunk-by-chunk.

This is somewhat similar to the code block execution that can be found in scientific software (for example Matlab).

Keys mapping

By default, the following mappings are enabled :

  • C-c will paste and execute the currently selected block in ipython
  • C-b will execute the current cell in ipython A cell is similar to MATLAB's cell and is defined as the line ranging from the previous ## to the next ##


If you set vimux_pyutils_use_tslime to 1 in your vimrc, this script will use tslime instead of vimux. This has the advantage that the script will work from outside a tmux session (in GVim for example).

Note that tslime has to be configured to target the correct session/pane :

let g:tmux_sessionname='0'
let g:tmux_windowname='./ipython.sh'
let g:tmux_panenumber='0'

let g:vimux_pyutils_use_tslime=1

Difference with vim-ipython

Note that if you want more advanced integration with IPython (using the new multi-client architecture), there is the vim-ipython project : https://github.com/ivanov/vim-ipython/

The main difference with vim-ipython is that this plugin simply emulate a paste as you would do it manually from vim to ipython. This allow to see the result of the execution directly in the ipython split whereas vim-ipython uses a separate vim buffer to show the results.