DEPRECATED - GitPaste is a clone of GitHub's Gist.
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This project is old, let the readme reflect so.
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This project is a bit old and unmaintained. There are tons of alternatives! You're welcome to use GitPaste, but please be aware that I am no longer maintaining it or plan to maintain it for the future. If anything I will provide a rewrite one day.


GitPaste is a GitHub Gist clone.

Quick Introduction

This is an alternative to It allows you to deploy and create your own application. It is useful in an environment where you may not be able to use or alternatives.

More Detailed Reasoning

Why would company policies that ban github permit your alternative?

It's not a matter of being able to use github--there's no problem with it. There's an issue with posting code that does not have such permissible license. We're just simply not allowed to for a lot of the work. Sure, we could use private accounts, but we would still be violating the policy in a more devious manner. This allows anyone to deploy a gist.github-like setup on their local server where it can be isolated if needed.


There's a requirements.txt. If you use pip then just follow the readme.

Forking and Testing

Fork on GitHub:


✓ Add forking (fork anonymously!)
✓ Add downloading (you can download individual files)
✓ Add searching (uses Haystack and Whoosh 
✓ Add commenting (login to add comments) 
✓ Fix odd styling of line numbers (fixed widths, hacked resize())
✓ Adopting commits and pastes (login to adopt anonymous commits and pastes)
✓ Allowing tabbing in the textarea (you now can tab in the textarea! Huzzah)
✓ Post as anonymous directly (now you can remain anonymous even logged in, thanks not_mad_just_upset
✓ Add markdown support for comments
✓ Show diffs
✓ Fix some of the ordering issues (added sorting and priority-based pastes)
✓ Refine the user pages (masking email, anonymous, timezones)
✓ Add timezone support
✓ Preferences to hide email address
✓ Gravatar support (set USE_ICONS in to TRUE)
✓ Added repository downloading
✓ Private pastes
✓ Expiration on pastes
☐ Add embedding

x Add cloning

Refactoring Needed

☐ CSS is a disaster
☐ PEP8 everything


Optional: If you have virtualenv then create your desired environment.

pip install -r requirements.txt
cd saic
python syncdb


Modify to fit your IP address needs.

cd saic


GitPaste is licensed under a three clause BSD License. See LICENSE.txt