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Latest commit 8a37cfb Oct 8, 2016 @boubaker boubaker committed with thomasdelhomenie JUZU-48 : Remove unnecessary bottleneck when retrieving Requests
Actually, there a big bottleneck JUZU applications
Each time a JUZU application is displayed in a page, all other HTTP requests that wants to display any other page that uses JUZU will be blocked because of one operation in JUZU application lifecycle.
In fact, inside the "retrieve the response" phase, the operation "get the filters beans associated to the Stage type(Unmarshaling, Handler, Lifecycle, Invoke)" is synchronized (blocker, one operation at a time).
The filters are SINGLETON beans, so we should put those beans in the JUZU controller context once for all.



Juzu Web is a web framework for developing MVC applications, emphasing on simplicity and type safety.



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Build Status

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  • Java 1.7
  • Apache Maven 3

Build the project

mvn verify

Build the project and generate tests coverage information (not human readable they are useful to be integrated in another software like SonarQube)

mvn verify -Pcoverage

Build the project and generate tests coverage reports (in target/site/jacoco)

mvn verify -Pcoverage-report