A simple list view to render a PDF document using PDF.JS
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NOTE: THIS REPO IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED, SEE: https://github.com/jviereck/pdfListView/issues/22

A simple list view to render a PDF document using PDF.JS.

Project Goals

  • provide basic functionality to build a viewer around the PDF.JS library
  • while this library provides the founcation to build a PDF viewer, it only ships with a simple default viewer implementation for demo purpose
  • uses no library/framework other than the PDF.JS library
  • flexible, modular, easy to replace parts with other implementations

Future Plans & Missing Implementations

  • cache rendered pages
  • use already rendered page image as placeholder if the zoom of the page changes
  • two pages support
  • page-wise scrolling
  • full-screen support
  • form support
  • annotation support
  • more APIs: go to next/previous page, rotatePage, ...
  • indicator (spinner) when page has not finished rendering
  • search
  • printing (as much as this is possible with current browsers)

Run locally

Some browsers (like Chrome) need to load the index.html file using a local web server. This can easily done by installing the dev-dependencies:

$> npm install

Starting the server is done by executing:

$> grunt server

This will start a local web server on port 9996. To server the index.html, point your browser at http://localhost:9996/.


This project uses the same license (Apache License) as the PDF.JS project. This makes pdfListView compatible with PDF.JS and makes reusing code between the projects possible.