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for a brief intro to this project.

Initial Steps

1. Install Skype4Py
   easy_install Skype4Py

2. termcolor
   easy_install termcolor

3. argparse
   easy_install argparse

4. On a Mac: Run python as 32bit
   defaults write Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes

How to use it

Skype tunnel helps bridge connectivity between end points
C(lient) and S(erver) by leveraging Skype's infrastructure
(like NAT traversal and super-nodes).


This is currently tested on a Mac.  On Linux,
has to be edited so that it uses iptables instead of ipfw.

Roger suggested that we look into CurveCP/uTP which are
user-space reliable transport implementations (among other


1. C and S both have skype-ids and that C knows S's skype
   id.  (Elie mentions a way to get around this, but I haven't
   implemented it yet.)

2. C and S have root access on their machines.

3. S has two instances of the service, one for users who
   cannot directly connect to it and another for users
   who can directly connect to it.

To start using this tool:

On server S:

1. S runs skype server, after starting Skype and logging
     $ python

2. S runs its server that it wants people to access.
   For demo sake, let's assume it's ssh running on
   port 2222.

3. S runs to intercept IP packets originating
   from ssh program and destined to anywhere.  These
   are packets that should be tunneled through Skype.

     (as root)
     $ python --src <local_ip>:2222

On client C:

1. C logs into Skype and obtains S's skype-id.

2. C configurs skype client to connect to S's skype user id.

     $ python -u <S's skype id>

3. C starts the tunnel to intercept all packets destined
   to S's (public) IP.

     (as root)
     $ python --dest <S's IP>:2222

4. All applications that talk to <S's IP>:2222 transparently
   enjoy the benefits of Skype's traversal mechanisms.

I wish I had enough time to automate most of the steps here.
I would be happy to chat with anyone who wants to.