OpenShift s2i builder with sbt
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s2i for sbt

Created using s2i v1.1.7


Create the s2i image with

#! SBT_VERSION=0.13.16 SCALA_VERSION=2.12.3 make


build an image tagged as image-name

s2i build <path / url> sbt-s2i <image-name>


  • SBT_SUBPROJECT; optional string that specifies the sbt subproject to build in (not needed if not multi-project)
  • plugins.sbt; contains default set of sbt plugins that will be cached during the image build

OpenShift Imagestream

An OpenShift Imagestream is provided that can be used in the OpenSHift console to build applications using this s2i image. To use it, simply add it as follows:

oc create -f sbt.yml

Note the openshift user must have rights to the openshift namespace (i.e. a cluster admin).