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This repo contains the MaxMSP libraries for GLORK, the Greensboro Laptop Orchestra.

Patches are organized into these categories:
* Controllers -- data i/o for hardware MIDI/OSC controllers
* Cues -- patches to read, parse, and route cue data from files
* Helpers -- small components used in other patches
* Interfaces -- visual interfaces that perform various functions -- mainly bpatchers
* Networking -- patches to aid in sending data between network nodes
* UI -- standard user interface components for constructing a piece (cue display, visual mixers, etc.) -- mainly bpatchers

The glork libraries use the OSC routing patches provided by the CNMAT libraries, therefore the CNMAT libraries must be installed (see below).

To use the glork libraries in MaxMSP:
* Download and unzip the glork libs (or clone the repository using git).
* Add the glork libs directory as a path in MaxMSP (under Options -> File Preferences...)
* Download CNMAT-everything from, unzip it, and add it to the MaxMSP search path
* Restart MaxMSP
* Use the glork libraries! (for instance:)
	* Create a new object in your Max patch (press "n")
	* Enter the name of a GLORK object, i.e. GL_WiiMotion
	* Press shift-cmd-H to get help on the object
	Note: Some interface patches are optimized to be used within bpatchers