A .Net API for 3d charts
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This is a main Git repository for Nzy3d, a .Net API for 3d charts.

Much of this work is based on Jzy3d, a Java API from my friend Martin.


This is the toolkit by itself. It is based on OpenTK for OpenGL integration in C#.


This is where all unit/integration tests resides. Work In Progress, testers are welcome !


This is a demo of the use of the toolkit in a WPF application. I chose to made the demo in a WPF application because it is more complexe than in a Winforms where it is very straigthforward since the toolkit provides a Winforms control to use for rendering of 3D scene. In WPF, the integration is a bit more complex since we have to integrate this Winforms control inside a WPF canvas. There is no other solution so far since OpenTK does not provide a WPF control for drawing (at least it did not in 2012 ... and I don't even think it would made any sense).

Video here: http://www.screencast.com/t/Oj2CjuFF