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K8up - Kubernetes Backup Operator

A Cloud Native Backup Operator running in you Kubernetes Cluster protecting your data

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K8up Backup Operator

K8up is a Kubernetes backup operator based on Restic that will handle PVC and application backups on a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster.

Just create a schedule and a credentials object in the namespace you’d like to backup. It’s that easy. K8up takes care of the rest. It also provides a Prometheus endpoint for monitoring.


We value our documentation and put a lot of effort into it. You find it under

Getting Started

We have a Getting Started guide to quickly learn how k8up will help you.


If you find bugs in K8up or in its documentation, we encourage you to open a new issue in the K8up repository.


We welcome contributions in all of our repositories. The k8up-operator is written in Go, licensed under the terms of the BSD 3-clause license and its main repository is


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    Kubernetes and OpenShift Backup Operator

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    Getting started tutorial for K8up, VSHN's backup operator for Kubernetes

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