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Play Soccer on Minetest!
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Soccer Mod

Play soccer on Minetest!

This currently only provides the ball; the actual logic for implementing a match
will be implemented in the future. For now, you can use Mesecons Wooden Pressure
Plates along with some logic to at least handle scoring. Goals are also provided
but have no functionality.

The ball is not craftable ATM. Use /giveme soccer:ball_item, and place it with
right-click. You can take it again by punching it.

You can push the ball by standing near it, and kick it by holding the "sneak"
key (by default "Shift"). The ball will get pushed/kicked in the direction the
player is facing (you can center-on the ball by looking up).

Special thanks
- 12Me21: Ideas about the crafting recipe.
- ecube: Original (black) texture.
- Xiug: Ideas and textures.
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