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The official repository for the first KAGIC engine, also known as KE1.
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The Steven Universe mod that adamantly denies it is a Steven Universe mod. KAGIC adds machines that inject an essence into the ground that engenders magical beings called "gems" by transmuting the blocks around. These gems appear in a variety of ways and can be commanded to do a variety of tasks based on these blocks, called "cruxes."

This repository houses the first version of KAGIC, which is deprecated and after the release of its rewrite, KAGIC Era 2, will be archived and used for archival purposes only. Thanks for your support.


  1. Ensure you are using the most recent version of KAGIC.
  2. Collect any helpful logs, screenshots, or snippets.
  3. Report issues to our issue tracker.
  4. Ask for help in our Discord.


Check our releases page for downloads.


Our Discord server is a place to collaborate, learn, showcase, and discuss the development of KAGIC. It is a place where those who abide by the rules are welcomed, regardless of skill level. Click here to join us!



  1. JDK 8 - Download.
  2. Git - Download.


  1. Install the above prerequisites.
  2. Run command: git clone
  3. repository folder, run: .\gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
  4. Run .\gradlew eclipse or .\gradlew idea depending on your IDE.
  5. Amalgam is now installed.


  1. Go to the directory of your repository.
  2. Run command: .\gradlew build
  3. Find KAGIC-x.jar in the build/lib folder.
  4. Amalgam has been built for distribution.


  1. Go to the directory of your repository.
  2. Run .\gradlew runClient to play on the modded client.
  3. Run .\gradlew runServer to start a modded server.


  1. Fork, install, and setup KAGIC on your machine.
  2. Write code with comments for increased legibility.
  3. Summarize any changes for future pull requests.

Legal Disclaimer

"KAGIC" source code and its derivatives, including bytecode and executables, are licensed under an GNU Public License v3 by "The KAGIC Team" ("akrivus", "HeimrArnadalr", "Judacraz", "Lattie", "obsidian29", "Seartisian", "taaffeite", "Tourmaline-Iris"). For more information about the GNU Public License v3, please look here.

"Steven Universe" and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Cartoon Network.

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