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🏫 Unofficial Python API for StudentVue Portals
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StudentVue API

travis PyPI version

This repository provides a easy way to access data from StudentVue portals in Python programs.


If this library isn't updating properly, try explictly installing the latest version (e.g. pip3 install studentvue==1.3.0).

If you're getting an AttributeError when trying to log in, this might mean that your school is on an older version of StudentVue. Try uninstalling this library (pip uninstall studentvue) and installing studentvue-old (pip install studentvue-old).

studentvue-old is not maintained and has a different API, but there is some minimal documentation.

Logging In

pip install studentvue or clone / download the repository and python install.

from studentvue import StudentVue
sv = StudentVue('username', 'password', 'domain name') 


You can read some basic docs here.

Bugs and Contributing

The content and formatting of pages may vary from district to district, so the same parsing strategies might fail. If you find an instance of this, or have a general improvement you can raise a new issue and/or open a pull request.


C# - axiomaticTwist/StudentVueAPI

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