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Ddt - Distribution Development Tool


> ddt --license-name=LGPL new Foo::Bar # create Foo-Bar distribution
> cd Foo-Bar
> ddt build        # build the distribution and re-generate & META6.json
> ddt -C test      # Run tests when files change


Ddt is an authoring and distribution development tool for Perl6. It provides scaffolding for generating new distributions, packages, modules, grammers, classes and roles.


This project is a technology preview. It may change at any point. The only API which can be considered stable up to the v1.0 is the command line interface.


ddt [--license-name=«NAME»] new <module> -- Create new module
ddt build                                -- Build the distribution &
ddt [-C|--continues] test [<tests> …]    -- Run distribution tests
ddt release                              -- Make release
ddt hack <identity> [<dir>]              -- Checkout a Distribution and start hacking on it
ddt generate class <name>                -- Generate a class
ddt generate role <name>                 -- Generate a role
ddt generate package <name>              -- Generate a package
ddt generate grammar <name>              -- Generate a grammar
ddt generate module <name>               -- Generate a module
ddt generate test <name> [<description>] -- Generate stub test file
ddt [-v] deps distri                     -- Show all the modules used
ddt [-u|--update] deps                   -- Update META6.json dependencies
ddt watch [<cmd>…]                       -- Watch lib/, bin/ & t/ for changes respecting .gitignore and execute given cmd


# with zef
> zef install Ddt

Differences to Mi6

  • Support for different licenses via License::Software

  • META6 is generated using META6

  • Meta test

  • Use prove for tests

  • Run tests on changes

  • Extended .gitignore

  • Support for different licenses

  • Support for Distributions with a hyphen in the name


  • How can I manage depends, build-depends, test-depends?

Use ddt -u deps

  • Where is the spec of META6.json?

Maybe or

  • How do I remove the travis badge?

Remove .travis.yml




  • Copyright © 2015 Shoichi Kaji

  • Copyright © 2016-2017 Bahtiar kalkin- Gadimov

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.