Go vanity domain HTTP handler
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Vanity Build Status GoDoc


  • VCS is Version Control System (such as Git or Mercurial)
  • VCS root is the root path the source code repository (such as github.com/kare)
  • Domain is the internet address where the Go Vanity server is hosted (such as 9fans.net or kkn.fi)
  • Path is the path component of the Go package (such as /cmd/tcpproxy in kkn.fi/cmd/tcpproxy)


  • Redirects browsers to godoc.org
  • Redirects Go tool to VCS
  • Redirects HTTP to HTTPS
  • Automatic configuration of packages:
    • All packages are redirected with full path to vcsroot.
    • Packages whose path is prefixed with "/cmd/" redirect automatically to vcsroot by stripping the "/cmd" prefix from the package path. Example: Redirect request "kkn.fi/cmd/tcpproxy" to "github.com/kare/tcpproxy"
  • Configurable logger which is fully compatible with standard log package


go get kkn.fi/vanity