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hacktastic stlink swo/swv magical plaything (maybe)
Python C Lua Shell
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stlink swo usb capture tool

heh ;) it works :)

pyusb >= 1.x  (Tested with 1.0.0-0.4.a2.fc18)
(you have to work out udev rules yourself....)

Basic Usage

swo_file blahblahblah.log
swo_start stimulusbitmask
swo_start otherstimulusmask
exit (or ^d)

in another window:

# to see everything...
python -f blahblahblah.log

# to see just stimulus port 2
python -f blahblahblah.log -a 2

You _probably_ will want to edit, in the PacketParser's
target parameter, if you want to change the output formatting.

The STLink firmware gets into some screwy states sometimes, you need to
unplug/replug to get it back.  Boo :( (This is a bug in swopy's USB handling)

After streaming for a while, stably writing 40-60KB/sec, and seeing consistent
300-800bytes SWO data per frame, you'll see the STLink report that it has ~64KB
to dump, and then it gets a USB Transfer error and locks up.  Boo :(  As best I
can tell that's a firmware bug on the STLink, there's no field I can tell in
the USB responses to indicate there's any sort of overflow)

Sometimes the stimulus bits are weird.  Writing to bits that _should_ turn on
the channel you want doesn't.  Boo :( No idea what's going on there.
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