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@kasimi kasimi released this Jan 18, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • Allow remembering font color by long pressing/clicking (for mobile users)
  • Added vendor prefixes to CSS rules
  • Decreased size of sound files
  • Don't generate whois URL if user doesn't have permission to use it
  • JavaScript: stop work more gracefully upon page unload
  • Minor language improvements
  • Relaxed limits of several options:
    • Relaxed refresh rate limits from 5/60 to 2/3600
    • Removed limit of maximum message length
    • Removed limit of initial number of messages to display

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Ctrl+Enter triggering submit action on buttons
  • Fixed wrong _referer in AJAX requests if URL rewriting is disabled
  • Fixed submit button disappearing if no max message length is set
  • Fixed footer row spacing
  • Fixed link color of mentioned user names
  • Removed unused MCHAT_LIVE_UPDATES template variable

Style changes

  • Added support for we_universal style
  • Adjustments for HexagonReborn, CleanSilver and Project Durango (thanks MannixMD)

Event changes

  • Added event dmzx.mchat.log_add_before
  • Removed response parameter from dmzx.mchat.action_refresh_process_log_row
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@kasimi kasimi released this Oct 5, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release

New features

Bug fixes

  • Updated compatibility with Collapsible Categories extension (requires at least 1.0.1)
  • Improved displaying long links
  • Fixed scrolling glitch when using certain styles
  • Fixed bottom pagination container on archive page
  • Fixed path issues by sending referer in AJAX requests
  • Removed UI controls for input area option
  • Fixed ACP option text not wrapping


  • Added event dmzx.mchat.render_page_get_messages_before
  • Added sql_where and sql_order_by to dmzx.mchat.total_message_count_modify_sql
  • Added template_data and jump_to_id to dmzx.mchat.render_page_pagination_before
  • Added template_data to dmzx.mchat.render_page_after
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@kasimi kasimi released this Jul 25, 2018 · 44 commits to master since this release

Support for phpBB 3.1.x has been dropped.

See here for a version compatibility matrix.

New features

  • Added message reparser: all mChat messages in phpBB 3.1 and earlier format are converted to phpBB 3.2 format automatically, behind the scenes
  • Moved many links (archive, rules etc) and options (toggle sound etc) to a new navbar dropdown menu to clean up the user interface
  • Modernized text-area and BBCode & smilies buttons
  • Added ACP option to disable logging of all mChat actions (edit, delete, prune, purge)

Front-end changes

  • Moved status icons to mChat's container header
  • Removed session details from user interface
  • Removed input auto grow
  • Removed option "Display link in the navbar" (navbar item is always displayed)
  • Don't display popup when trying to send an empty message
  • Don't display a zero in navbar item if no user is chatting
  • Moved "who is chatting" and character count below input field
  • Fixed "who is chatting" display issue on custom page
  • Added some space above legend on custom and archive pages
  • Fixed textarea background color in custom styles
  • Display message and end chat session if board is disabled
  • Don't display BBCodes and smilies panels more than once (improves compatibility with other extensions)
  • Moved ACP option for sessions in navbar link to correct place

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Check for minimum required PHP version when installing mChat
  • Improved client session handling
  • Improved wording of like and quote permissions
  • Improved wording of global user settings explanation
  • Fixed display issue of static message in IE
  • Fixed checking user permissions when adding login notification
  • Skip one refresh request when AJAX request failed
  • Don't render BBCodes in post subjects and forum names of notification messages
  • Use custom template name for form token (improves compatibility with other extensions)
  • Fixed spelling in error messages
  • Removed unused error messages from language files
  • Removed pause on input feature

New Events

  • Added PHP event dmzx.mchat.purge_before
  • Added template events dmzx_mchat_panel_whois_after, dmzx_mchat_static_container_before, dmzx_mchat_static_container_after
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@kasimi kasimi released this Feb 28, 2018 · 161 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error when not using relative time
  • Removed character limits for rules and static message from language strings
  • Don't remove line breaks in [code] tags
  • Minor code improvements

Please note that this is the last version that supports phpBB 3.1. The next mChat update will require at least phpBB 3.2.0.

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@kasimi kasimi released this Dec 9, 2017 · 171 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Added option to enable checking for u_mchat_use permission before adding a post notification message. This is useful for bot users that are not supposed to generate "new post" messages.
  • Moved rules and static message texts to the phpbb_config_text table. This allows you to use more than 255 characters.

New events

  • Added PHP event dmzx.mchat.prune_sql_before

Bug fixes/changes

  • Removed username from prune log message
  • Removed broken profile URL when mentioning guest users
  • Fixed who is chatting updates not working under certain conditions
  • Improved wording in ACP for message sorting on archive page
  • Don't send AJAX requests if page is unloading
  • Use correct user IP for mChat sessions table
  • Fixed removing disallowed BBCodes
  • Removed duplicate root path in profile links
  • Many other small code improvements

Style improvements

  • Use Twig template syntax
  • Hide some options in the UCP if the user doesn't have u_mchat_use permission
  • Removed space between navbar icon and text on 3.2.x installations
  • Fixed HTML markup on ACP Global settings page
  • Adapted ACP Submit/Reset buttons to phpBB's ACP style

Custom style adjustments

  • Fall back to default icon color for Subway style if Options Panel extension isn't enabled
  • Allow collapsing mChat when using the Elegance style
  • Adjustments for MyInvision style (thanks to MannixMD)
  • Adjustments for Hexagon style (thanks to MannixMD)
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@kasimi kasimi released this Apr 27, 2017 · 215 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Added ACP option for sorting messages in the archive
  • Added profile link when mentioning users
  • Added option to delete user's mChat messages when user is deleted

Bug fixes/changes

  • Fixed undefined error if audio file can't be loaded
  • Display meaningful error when deleting/editing missing messages
  • Fail gracefully if localStorage is not available
  • Don't use HTML entities in mChat action URLs
  • Remove copyright below input field
  • Fixed resetting input field width when clicking the submit button
  • Update input field width when quoting and liking messages
  • Fixed wrong forum ID in notification after moving a topic
  • Removed 00: if session length is shorter than one hour
  • Remove leading & trailing | characters to not break allowed BBCodes
  • Only add CSS for mChat container height where necessary
  • Removed redundant custom page explanation in ACP
  • Minor improvements for ACP language

Style improvements

  • Fixed space between sound checkbox and label
  • Fixed zooming on mobile devices when focusing input element
  • Fixed displaying messages for Canvas style on mobile resolutions
  • Removed collapse icon in PBWow3
  • Fixed wrapper height for Modern-silver style
  • Added white message icons for 19 dark styles
  • Added template events dmzx_mchat_messages_header_before, dmzx_mchat_messages_header_after, dmzx_mchat_messages_text_before, dmzx_mchat_messages_text_after, dmzx_mchat_messages_icons_after
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@kasimi kasimi released this Dec 30, 2016 · 258 commits to master since this release

Final release of mChat 2.0.0.

There are no changes between 2.0.0-RC7 and 2.0.0-final except for the version number.

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@kasimi kasimi released this Oct 16, 2016 · 264 commits to master since this release

Release highlights


  • Bumped minimum phpBB version to 3.1.8-RC1
  • Fixed mChat version check

Improved ACP & pruning settings

  • Added units to ACP general settings page
  • Added time selector in pruning settings
  • Added prune GC interval to pruning settings

Added new events

  • Added events to ACP pages
  • Added events to UCP preferences page
  • Added events to settings class
  • Added overall_header|footer template events
  • Added template events for adding message icons
  • Added template variables for IP and permission buttons

Changes & bug fixes

  • Added headings to custom and archive pages
  • Added message background color animation
  • Don't display popup for unknown and timeout errors
  • Fixed bugs when auto-scrolling messages
  • Fixed animation duration & easing
  • Limit image size to 100%
  • Fixed message order in archive if not mchat_message_top
  • Take user's mchat_posts config into account when viewing the archive
  • Fixed removing all BBCodes if no BBCodes are disallowed
  • Update character count when clicking on BBCodes and smilies
  • Moved checkbox for disabling sound before text
  • Fixed disallowed BBCodes for 3.2.x
  • Fixed notifications of deleted posts
  • Fixed displaying mChat at the top of the index page for Canvas style

Template fixes behind the scenes

  • Use @vendor_extname/ for all INCLUDEs
  • Moved CSS media rules to the end of the file
  • Moved inline CSS for container height to style tag in header
  • Added data-last-responsive attribute to navigation element for 3.1.x
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@kasimi kasimi released this Sep 22, 2016 · 319 commits to master since this release


New features

  • Implemented Extensions Team feedback
  • Updated sound files, now compatible with GPLv2
  • Remember color on Ctrl+Click
  • Add message text when composing a PM
  • Added number of active chat sessions to navbar link
  • Added login notification messages
  • Translated notification messages
  • Added edit & delete moderator permissions
  • Use localStorage, removed all cookies
  • Faster animations
  • New styles: Canvas, Subway

Added numerous events to allow exciting addon extensions

  • 21 PHP events
  • 21 HTML template events
  • 11 JavaScript events
  • Note for developers of mChat addons for RC5: some events are renamed in RC6:
    • PHP events
      • dmzx.mchat.core.render_helper_add => dmzx.mchat.action_add_after
      • dmzx.mchat.core.render_helper_edit => dmzx.mchat.action_edit_after
      • dmzx.mchat.core.render_helper_delete => dmzx.mchat.action_delete_after
      • dmzx.mchat.core.render_helper_aft => dmzx.mchat.render_page_after
    • Template events
      • dmzx_mchat_body_before => dmzx_mchat_before
      • dmzx_mchat_buttons_before => dmzx_mchat_buttons_container_before

Improved message pruning

  • Moved message pruning to cron class
  • Added "Prune messages now" button to ACP
  • Allow a time period to be specified for retained number of messages when pruning
  • Don't allow changing pruning settings for non founders

Improved compatibility with other extensions

Improved performance

  • Saving a database query each time the session is updated
  • Moved session cleaning to core event cron.task.core.tidy_sessions, saving many unnecessary database queries

Bug Fixes

  • URL-encoded brackets in ACP permission links
  • Don't animate new messages after session timeout, thanks to voom
  • Fixed UCP title, thanks to spello
  • Don't scroll message container when new messages are added but latest message isn't visible
  • Include BBCodes in message length calculation
  • Include hidden self in who is chatting
  • Fixed disallowing BBCode list item
  • Hide chat sessions for users who are hidden temporarily
  • Append session ID to post notifications
  • Apply uppercase after message processing to prevent broken links
  • Don't display error popup when page is unloading
  • Don't display quote, like or mention buttons if user doesn't have u_mchat_use permission
  • Don't display quote or like buttons if BBCodes are not allowed
  • Always full input field width on mobile devices
  • Make Ctrl+Enter send message when using textarea
  • Fixed overriding min post characters and max smilies
  • Improved appearance of buttons in 3.2.x
  • is_enableable() now checks for remnants from 3.0 MOD and denies installation
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@kasimi kasimi released this Sep 19, 2016 · 472 commits to master since this release



  • Approved posts will be posted in mChat
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