🖼 Download the Flickr photos in your Jekyll posts
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🖼 Save the Flickr photos in your Jekyll posts

This script will:

  1. Scan your _posts folder for Flickr hosted images (jpg, png, gif).
  2. Retrieve the original size of the photo and download it using the title of the post for a filename.
  3. Update the post with the new image path names.

💡 Tip: This project pulls down the original file size for archival purposes. You should resize and/or compress your images (either manually or through a build script) to best manage the weight and load time of your site.

Set up

Get your Flickr credentials:

  • FLICKR_KEY - Create a Flickr app to get an API key.
  • FLICKR_SECRET - Your Flickr app's API secret.

Set your environment variables with your credentials (replace the placeholders) and enter this in your terminal:

echo "export FLICKR_KEY=your-key-here" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "export FLICKR_SECRET=your-secret-here" >> ~/.bash_profile

From terminal, install the package globally and link it so you can run it from your Jekyll site later:

npm install flickr-to-jekyll -g && npm link

Run it

Navigate to your Jekyll site directory in terminal. From terminal, run:


The default for posts_dir is _posts. The default for img_dir is img/posts.

To change where you have your posts saved or where you want to save your image:

flickr-to-jekyll --posts_dir='notes/_posts' --img_dir='notes/img/posts'

A Flickr authorization page will open up with a code. Enter the code into terminal to complete authentication and to begin downloaded your files and updating your Jekyll posts.

💡Tip: Once you have authenticated, terminal will display some credentials with the message Add the following variables to your environment: you can disregard this note - it's generated by the module (flickrapi) which is used in this module to download the photos. The module flickrapi will also create a data/, you can delete this once the script has finished.