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WARNING: The engine is undergoing rework of the low-level guts, in order to introduce support for multiple rendering APIs. It may crash, refuse to build, or set fire to the rain. Consider yourself warned.

OpenGL 4.3-based rendering engine written by kbi/Elude.

The engine builds under Windows and Linux, although some of its modules are only available under Windows (eg. curve editor). This is strictly due to time constraints and may be patched up in the future.

Some minor issues with the Linux port still persist. Some areas could definitely be improved. But hey, it works and I'm more than happy about it :-) Please see "issues" tab for a list of things you could contribute in this area.

Emerald is 32-bit-only at the moment. 64-bit compatibility is considered to be of low priority, but I guess it will eventually happen :-)

This hobbistic project is in incessant, over-night development, hence may not necessarily compile or build at all times. Please feel free to use it as a KB.

I regularly test Emerald against AMD, Intel and NVIDIA drivers. Always ensure your video driver is up-to-date before running any projects found in the solution.