Salesforce Chatter bot with an Arduino framework and integration
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Chatty 2.0

Built for the Labs - Salesforce of Things contest, Chatty 2.0 is a Chatter-based framework for controlling IP addressible objects (such as an Arduino) using a REST-based framework. Chatty can also query your Salesforce org, and provide realtime interaction with your users based on a variety of inputs

Chatty 2

  • Dynamically respond to changes in your environment status
  • Query Salesforce and get result in your Chatter feed
  • Interact with physical objects directly from Chatter


  • This code can be deployed into a Salesforce organization using Eclipse or Ant
  • Code coverage is still being developed
  • The Chatty Settings page provides an interface for required settings
  • A Sites page is required to receive updates from your Arduino array
  • Arduino sold seperately


Released under the BSD license.