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TrenchBroom is a modern cross-platform level editor for Quake-engine based games.


  • General
    • Full support for editing in 3D and in up to three 2D views
    • High performance renderer with support for huge maps
    • Unlimited Undo and Redo
    • Macro-like command repetition
    • Issue browser with automatic quick fixes
    • Point file support
    • Automatic backups
    • Free and cross platform
  • Brush Editing
    • Robust vertex editing with edge and face splitting and manipulating multiple vertices together
    • Clipping tool with two and three points
    • CSG operations: merge, subtract, intersect
    • UV view for easy texture manipulations
    • Precise texture lock for all brush editing operations
    • Multiple texture collections
  • Entity Editing
    • Entity browser with drag and drop support
    • Support for FGD and DEF files for entity definitions
    • Mod support
    • Entity link visualization
    • Displays 3D models in the editor
    • Smart entity property editors


  • Binary builds are available from releases.





See releases for latest changes.

TrenchBroom 2.0.0 Beta 2f3c498

  • Improved vertex manipulation with more degrees of freedom.
  • Improved vertex snapping.
  • Fixed crash when applying quick fixes.
  • Added #1408: Show warning for blank entity keys and values
  • Fixed #1423: TrenchBroom 2 not working in Windows XP
  • Fixed #1418: Angle values -1 and -2 not displayed for brush entities
  • Fixed #1402: Up and down arrow keys sometimes move objects along Z axis
  • Fixed #1401: Undo crash after rotation on Y axis
  • Fixed #1397: Crash when loading a map that was saved under a different name
  • Fixed #1395: Issues manager no longer fixing issues
  • Fixed #1394: CSG redo crash
  • Fixed #1393: Crash when when pressing keyboard shortcut to snap vertices
  • Fixed #1392: Bad performance when undoing / redoing

TrenchBroom 2.0.0 Beta 31439f2

  • Fix rendering views flashing on Windows (#1389).
  • Don't crash when Quake 2 game path is not set or cannot be found (#1388).

TrenchBroom 2.0.0 Beta a6d2341

  • In-editor compilation support.
  • Support for launching game engines.
  • Add issue generator for long entity properties.
  • Add issue generator for empty groups.
  • Improve texture loading in Quake 2.
  • Don't allow drawing brushes outside of world bounds.
  • Reset the rotation handle position and keep a list of previously used positions.
  • Store texture lock state in the preferences and default to on.
  • Allow Shift+Drag to snap vertices to the grid.
  • Fix crash when closing the editor while the clip tool is active.
  • Fix skew bugs in UV editor.
  • Fix duplicated objects not being added to the current layer or group.
  • Fix rendering problems when duplicating entities within groups.
  • Fix handling of brush entities when grouping.
  • Fix initial point placement in the complex brush tool.
  • Fix crash when undoing CSG operations.
  • Fix crash when undoing brush resizing.
  • Fix usage indicators in entity and texture browsers.
  • Fix layout problem in game path preferences.
  • Fix ESC key behavior in preference and About dialog.
  • Fix window position and size restoration problems.
  • Fix ESC key behavior when in clip mode.
  • Fix case sensitivity problems in open file dialog on Linux.
  • Fix layout of view dropdown window on Linux.
  • Fix texture lock for faces having +Y as their normal.
  • Show correct window icons.
  • Better support for dark UI themes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Cosmetic changes.

TrenchBroom 2.0.0 Beta e439e68

  • Fix keyboard shortcuts not working after cycling an editing viewport

TrenchBroom 2.0.0 Beta 0f4b6d2

  • Add Wavefront OBJ exporter
  • Add support for Alt+RMB drag for scrolling browser views
  • Add support for zooming 2D views with Alt+MMB
  • Add crash reporter by @ericwa
  • Write entity and brush ID comments like Radiant
  • Better support for OS themes
  • Fix a crash when undoing too many times
  • Fix a problem that made certain keyboard shortcuts unusable on Windows
  • Fix ESC key not usable in keyboard shortcut editor
  • Fix dropdown menus not working on popup windows
  • Fix a parse error when copy / pasting brush faces
  • Fix reset to defaults not working for certain keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix a crash when opening entity or texture browser on Windows with Intel hardware
  • Fix a crash in clip tool when dragging clip points
  • Fix an OpenGL related crash on Linux
  • Preliminary FreeBSD support by @danfe
  • Upgrade to wxWidgets 3.1.0
  • Support for Visual Studio 15 by @ericwa
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Minor fixes

TrenchBroom 2.0.0 Beta 93e34bf

  • Complete rewrite with many new features and bug fixes
  • New 2D views with multiple view layouts
  • Support for multiple games
  • Macro-like command repetition
  • Issue browser
  • CSG operations: merge, subtract, intersect
  • UV view for easy texture manipulations
  • Proper Linux support

TrenchBroom 1.0.9

  • Fix the rotation tool handle position

TrenchBroom 1.0.8

  • Fix the rotation tool
  • Allow snapping faces to the grid when resizing brushes
  • Improved major grid line shading (rebb)
  • Fixed umlauts in About dialog

TrenchBroom 1.0.7

  • Emergency bugfix

TrenchBroom 1.0.6

  • New text rendering system (faster and fewer glitches)
  • Brush drawing now more accurate (see docs)
  • Option to use integer plane point coordinates
  • Recompute vertices after every change to brush geometry
  • Major lines of the grid are rendered thicker
  • Read write protected map files
  • Don't crash when trying to save a write protected file
  • Internal Worldspawn properties set to read only
  • Fix 3D view focus issues on Windows
  • Drop invalid brushes in parser instead of crashing
  • Always autosave (don't wait until the map is changed)
  • Keep more autosaves and save only every 10 minutes
  • Don't show rotation decorators for invisible entities
  • Documentation updates and fixes

TrenchBroom 1.0.5

  • Fixed a crash when undoing edge and face move operations.
  • Improved map loading speed.
  • Improved accuracy of vertex computation.
  • Added antialiasing for grid lines (rebb).
  • Thin out grid lines after a certain distance (rebb).
  • Draw thinner grid lines for small grid sizes.
  • Added face shading depending on view direction (rebb).
  • Fixed a performance problem when editing face attributes.
  • Place initial brush in new maps and make the camera look at it.
  • Position pasted objects so that they line up with objects under the mouse cursor.
  • Added option to use Alt+MMB to move the camera forward and backward.
  • Fixed parsing of color values in FGD files.
  • Improved Quake.fgd and Quoth2.fgd.
  • Updated and fixed some errors in the documentation.

TrenchBroom 1.0.4

  • Improved Quake.fgd and Quoth2.fgd.
  • Improvements to clipboard pasting.
  • Fixed a crash bug when loading maps with invalid brushes.

TrenchBroom 1.0.3

  • Fix off-by-one bug of mod list in map properties dialog.
  • Snap vertex coordinates if close to integer coordinates.
  • Add logging on all platforms.
  • Properly merge spawnflags when loading fgd or def files.
  • Properly set the size of point entities from fgd files.
  • Fix crash bug when clipping all selected brushes.