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Tempus - Time for a new Date()

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Tempus JS Build Status

Tempus is a full replacement for the Date object. It's official home is at, you can read lots more about the project there.


Tempus is licensed as MIT: meaning it is free for anyone to use. If you submit a pull request you agree to be bound by this licensing, and agree to sign off all copyrights to Keith Cirkel.

Clone, Test, Build the repository

You can clone the repository by running

git clone --recursive tempus

Build instructions are still up in the air at the moment. These docs will be updated when the correct build tool has been found.

To test in the browser, just open the test/index.html in a browser.

Testing in Node.JS can be done by first running npm install, followed by a npm test.

If you want to test in a headless browser, first install phantomjs, and run the tests with phantomjs test/phantom-js-loader.js.

Developing Tempus

If you want to develop Tempus, best place is to start off with the developer preface, which tells you everything you need. The most important thing is to ALWAYS submit tests with your code.

Working on the Website

If you want to work on the Website itself, then please go over to the git repository.

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