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HTTP interface with a small GUI for a mailserver based on the Tutorial "Own mail server based on Dovecot, Postfix, MySQL, Rspamd and Debian 9 Stretch". The project will connect to the MYSQL database to read and write the config.

You just need to download one binary file to the server and run it, no other dependencies. However, you may want to add an nginx with SSL in front of it, or make it only available via VPN.

The HTTP interface doesn't validate your data, it's just another way to access your database.

In the new Debian 10 Version of the Tutorial the vmail user hast just select access. You need to give the user more priviliges or add another usr. issue


Download the last Debian Package from the Release Page and install it.

See: Installation Doku.



The script can be configured with environment variables. The following settings are possible:

Key Required Default Notice
GOMAILADMIN_DB Yes Database connection string like 'username:password@tcp('
GOMAILADMIN_ADDRESS No ":" (all) IP address to bind to
GOMAILADMIN_PORT No 3001 Port at which is bound (default: 3001)
GOMAILADMIN_CATCHALL No on If set to "On" the catchall feature will be enabled, its necessary that source_username in alias can be NULL
GOMAILADMIN_REDIS_NETWORK No tcp Network how to connect to redis, "tcp" or "unix"
GOMAILADMIN_REDIS_ADDRESS No Redis address to connect, if REDIS_NETWORK is tcp an ip/hostname and port for unix /path/to/socket
GOMAILADMIN_AUTH_METHOD Yes None How to authorisate, possible None, Username, HTTPBasicAuth more info
GOMAILADMIN_AUTH_HTTPBasic_Username No None If HTTPBasicAuth is enabled, the username
GOMAILADMIN_AUTH_HTTPBasic_Password No None If HTTPBasicAuth is enabled, the password
GOMAILADMIN_AUTH_Username_Username No None If Username auth is enabled, the username
GOMAILADMIN_AUTH_Username_Password No None If Username auth is enabled, the password
GOMAILADMIN_CHECK_DNS_RECORDS No Off If set to "On" it will check MX/SPF/DMARC Records which each call of the Domainlist, this is slow!
GOMAILADMIN_SHOW_DNS_RECORDS No On If set to "Off" the Domain Records MX/SPF/DMARC will not shown in the gui
GOMAILADMIN_DKIM_SELECTOR No None Selector to check DKIM record
GOMAILADMIN_DKIM_VALUE No None Value of the DKIM record more info


All features avalible in the Frontend are also in the API. The API current works with HTTP Basic Auth. The documenation is avalible here.


There is a VueJS frontend you can use to see and configure your mailserver. You can access it by opening, if you set an API key and secret you need to performe a HTTP Basic Auth or login via webgui.


Dashboard Dashboard Domain List Domainlist Aliases Domainlist Aliases Edit Domainlist Accounts Domainlist Accounts Edit Domainlist TLS Policy Domainlist TLS Policy Edit Domainlist