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Meditation Timer using vanilla JS
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Meditation Timer

This app lets you enter the amount of time you'd like to meditate, then a clock counts down from the input time to 00:00:00. When the time is up, a modal pops up and it plays a sound. While the clock is counting down, you can pause the time and resume it, stop the time (and go back to the input) or restart the clock.


Try it out at

And here are some screenshots:

Meditation Timer - Input

Meditation Timer - Time

Meditation Timer - Time's Up!

Run Project Locally

Clone or Fork this repository and open index.html in a web browser.

Technologies Used


This is a small personal project and I plan to keep this app simple. If you'd like to contribute, please make a comment with your intention in the appropriate issue if one exists or create a new issue for discussion.


This code in this project is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

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