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Create the shell environment of your dreams
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This project started as a fork of Cmder and became its own full fledge version allowing users to select which components they want to include in their installation. The structure design of Cmder has been slightly modified and the scripts reworked.

Create the shell environment of your dreams

Shark is a packaged installer that will allow you to create a fully customized shell environment through a single simple installer. It takes the hard work out of downloading and configuring all the components you need. Shark simplifies the installation by asking simple questions and taking care of downloading and installing everything for you from trusted sources (official repositories). It has a modular architecture that allows anyone to add and improve the installer easily.


The repository contains the code to to generate the simple installer based mostly on NSIS scripts and PowerShell commands. The releases are the compiled version of Shark.


Packages to work on

Inspirational links

Color assignment

  - CMD                 icon cyan
  - CMD (Admin)         icon cyan bold
  - Powershell          icon blue
  - Powershell (Admin)  icon blue bold
  - Cygwin              icon green
  - Cygwin (Admin)      icon green bold
  - Git                 icon magenta
  - Git (Admin)         icon magenta bold
  - PuTTY               icon yellow
  - Anything else       icon white

How to compile your own version of Shrak

  1. Download and install NSIS. Currently tested with NSIS 3.0
  2. All NSIS dependancies used are included in the nsis_contrib, nsis_include and nsis_plugin folders
  3. Edit modules or create new ones in the build\modules folder. Modules have an *.nsh extension
  4. Compile the .\build\make.nsi script and you'll get a .build\shark.exe installer



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