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kennyalive Fixed opengl initialization error when changing and applying graphics…
… settings from UI.

It turns out ui.qvm is compiled with unix opengl driver name - which in some scenarios can be assigned to r_glDriver.
Original Q3 handles this by making an attempt to load default driver in case r_glDriver loading error.
Implemented similar logic here.
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Welcome to Quake 3 source code!

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This repository contains updated version of the original Q3 codebase with reorganized code structure, compatibility fixes, build setup for the latest Visual Studio and modifications that update the core tech but preserve original gameplay, look and feel.


  • Build visual-studio/quake3.sln solution.
  • Copy quake3-ke.exe to your local Quake-III-Arena installation folder.

Vulkan support

Vulkan backend provides the same graphics features as original OpenGL-based one including customization via r_xxx cvars and debug visualization.

New cvars:

  • r_renderAPI - 3D API to use. Requires vid_restart.

    • 0 - OpenGL
    • 1 - Vulkan
    • 2 - DX12 (if enabled, see below)
  • r_twinMode - Debug feature to compare rendering output between OpenGL/Vulkan/DX12 APIs. Requires vid_restart.


Additional information:

  • Q: How to start game with vulkan support? A: quake3-ke.exe +set r_renderAPI 1.
  • Q: How to enable vulkan support from Q3 console? A: \r_renderAPI 1 then \vid_restart.
  • Q: How to enable twin mode from Q3 console? A: \r_twinMode 1 or \r_twinMode 1 then \vid_restart.
  • Q: How to check that Vulkan backend is really active? A: gfxinfo console command reports information about active rendering backend.

DX12 support

DirectX 12 backend implementation is provided mostly for educational purposes and is not included in the prebuild binaries. It can be enabled by uncommenting ENABLE_DX12 define in dx.h header and recompiling the project.

Visual Studio

The project files are provided for Visual Studio 2017. Free community version is available online.

To start the game from visual studio in quake3 project's properties go to Debugging->Command Arguments and specify command line in the form: +set fs_basepath <quake3/installation/directory>