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Boxroom is an open source project that aims to develop a web application for sharing and managing files online. The goal is to let a group of people share their files with eachother. To make this possible the application lets users create folders and upload and download files in a web browser. Furthermore for administrators it will be possible to create users, user groups and the CRU/D rights these groups will have on folders.

Thank you for trying Boxroom!

Installation instructions

About kerinin's fork

I wanted to use boxroom on Heroku, which presented two major challenges: Heroku uses a read-only filesystem and doesn't support ferret.

This fork uses the excellent Paperclip library to handle file storage, allowing S3 to be used as a backend. Using paperclip also makes defining image thumbnails and previews trivial.

Full-text search has been made more modular; you can now use either Ferret or PostgreSQL's full-text indexing for search (and implementing other libraries such as Solr would be pretty easy).

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