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A module to cast to the MagicMirror². Currently, only YouTube casting is supported. Hopefully, I will have time to add more casting options.

NOTE: MMM-Screencast has been updated to deal with new support, please pull from master to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version. Thanks!

Using the module

  • Navigate to the modules directory via the follow command: cd MagicMirror/modules
  • Clone the module from github: git clone
  • Navigate to the MMM-Screencast directory: cd MMM-Screencast
  • Install the dependencies: npm install
  • Add the following configuration to the modules array in the config/config.js file:
var config = {
    modules: [
		module: 'MMM-Screencast',
		position: 'bottom_right', // This position is for a hidden <div /> and not the screencast window
		config: {
			position: 'bottomRight',
			height: 300,
			width: 500,

Configuration options for MMM-Screencast

Option Description
position Required The position of the screencast window.
Options: ['bottomRight', 'bottomCenter', 'bottomLeft', 'center', 'topRight', 'topCenter', 'topLeft']
Type: string
Note: This module config actual sets the location, not the magic mirror position config. NOTE
x Optional (required if y is used) Window's left offset from screen. Takes precedence over position.
Type: number (pixels)
y Optional (required if x is used) Window's left offset from screen. Takes precedence over position.
Type: number (pixels)
height Required Height of the screencast window.
Type: number (pixels)
width Required Width of the screencast window.
Type: number (pixels)
castName Optional The title to display in your device's cast list.
Type string defalt os.hostname
port Optional A port to run the dialserver on Type number default 8569
useIPv6 Optional Forces http to use the unassigned IPv6 address ::/0 Type booelan default false


MMM-Screencast can communicate with other modules through notifications.

Emmited Notifications

These notifications are emitted by MMM-Screencast.

Notification Payload Description
MMM-Screencast:START-DIAL { port: <ORT_USED> } Emitted when the DIAL server is running and the port it can be found on. The cast icon should be visible in your app now.
MMM-Screencast:LAUNCH-APP { app: <APP_NAME>, state: <APP_STATE> } Emitted when an app is intializing
MMM-Screencast:RUN-APP { app: <APP_NAME>, state: <APP_STATE> } Emitted when the app is intialized and running
MMM-Screencast:STOP-APP { app: <APP_NAME>, state: <APP_STATE> } Emitted when the app is stopped.
MMM-Screencast:CONFIG-ERROR { message: <MESSAGE_ABOUT_ERROR>} Emitted when there is an issue with the config.

Listening Notifications

These are the notifications that can be sent to MMM-Screencast in order to control it in some way.

Notification Expected Payload Description
MMM-Screencast:CLOSE none This informs MMM-Screencast to close the currently running app.


Special Thanks and Contributors!