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Welcome to the App-Midgen wiki!

midgen function is to scan your perl package and show you the modules you are dependant on in your preferred output format. It's up to you what you do with the output, but you should be able to just copy and past away.

It dose not right/over-right any of your local files.

Some examples output to show what it dose, note it always shows the current $VERSION of any Module it displays, you don't have to use the current version, but it's a lot quicker than checking them manually.

  1. midgen run against it's self App::Midgen in dsl default output mode.

  2. midgen run against Debug::Client in mi output mode.

  3. midgen run against Farabi in dist output mode.

  4. midgen run against Dist::Milla in cpanfile output mode.

  • Announcements 04 blogs.perl.org

Food for thought, if we update our Modules, don't we want our users to use the current version, so should we not by default do the same with others Modules.

  • midgenrc somewhere to store your command line arguments, thus enabling you to just do midgen