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A modern, highly customizable, responsive Jekyll template for course websites.
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Just the Class

Just the Class is a GitHub Pages template developed for the purpose of quickly deploying course websites. In addition to serving plain web pages and files, it provides a boilerplate for:

Just the Class is built on top of Just the Docs, making it easy to extend for your own special use cases while providing sane defaults for most everything else. This means that you also get:

Getting Started

Getting started with Just the Class is simple.

  1. Create a new repository based on Just the Class.
  2. Configure a publishing source for GitHub Pages. Your course website is now live!
  3. Update _config.yml with your course information.
  4. Edit and create .md Markdown files to add your content.

Continue reading to learn how to setup a development environment on your local computer. This allows you to make incremental changes without directly modifying the live website.

Local development environment

Just the Class is built for Jekyll, a static site generator. View the quick start guide for more information. Just the Docs requires no special Jekyll plugins and can run on GitHub Pages' standard Jekyll compiler.

  1. Follow the GitHub documentation for Setting up your GitHub Pages site locally with Jekyll.
  2. Start your local Jekyll server.
$ bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. Point your web browser to http://localhost:4000
  2. Reload your web browser after making a change to preview its effect.

For more information, refer to Just the Docs.

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