Python Web App to Parse and Track Email and http Pcap Files.
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Welcome to the Mail DataBase although it has expanded slightly now. Here is a list of all the things it does at the moment

Submit email from PCAP, Text stream, IMAP or POP servers

  • The email parser will read the headers extracting the main fields
  • Links, Img tags and Iframes sources extracted and listed
  • Any attatchments are extracted, Hashed stored and scanned with Yara, optionally you can include options to scan with Clam AV and submit to Virus Total
  • All the information extracted above is stored in to a SQLite Database as a Task.
  • All files are stored for further analysis
  • Options to submit file attatchments to Sandboxs, Cuckoo or FireEyes, MAS

###Http PCAP files

  • Extract all the streams
  • Parse the HTTP Headers
  • Extract all the HTTP Objects and files
  • Replicate the Server Path structure
  • Write the Header data to the SQLite Database as a Task

Management System

  • Micro management system allows you to track Tasks in the Database
  • Add Comments to Tasks
  • Set tasks as Reviewed, Events or Unchecked
  • Generate, Weekly, Montly, Yearly reports on all Submitted tasks
  • Trend analysis on all artefacts in the database


  • Python 2.7
  • Mako
  • Bottle
  • Yara
  • BeautifulSoup (Included)


  • Cuckoo
  • python requests required for Cuckoo API


  • See the INSTALL file for installation details

Tested On

  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Windows 7 x64

To Do

  • Implement Cuckoo API
  • Finish the VT Function
  • Timer for the IMAP / POP Feeds
  • More reports / trends.