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How to use kexecboot

Submitted by Jay7 on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 11:45

After kexecboot is started you will see menu, filled with found bootable items. You may look into screenshots for UI examples.

First menu item is always "System menu". This menu contains following items:

  • Back - back to main menu
  • Rescan - scan available devices and partitions again
  • Show debug info - show kexecboot's log messages
  • Reboot/Shutdown/Exit - do appropriate action

Kexecboot understand following keys:

  • Move selection up: KEY_UP
  • Move selection down: KEY_DOWN, BTN_TOUCH (GTA02)
  • Reset: KEY_R ('R')
  • Rescan: KEY_S ('S')
  • Quit when in stand-alone mode (non-init mode): KEY_Q ('Q')

GTA02 users may move selection only down by touchscreen tapping and choose selected item by pressing POWER or PHONE keys.

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