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Kexecboot configure options

Submitted by Jay7 on Wed, 04/20/2011 - 12:08

Kexecboot configure options are:
--enable-static-linking | compile kexecboot as static executable [default=no]
--enable-fbui | compile with framebuffer user interface [default=yes]
--enable-fbui-width | limit FB UI width to specified value [default=no]
--enable-fbui-height | limit FB UI height to specified value [default=no]
--enable-textui | compile with text user interface [default=no]
--enable-cfgfiles | use config files (boot.cfg) [default=yes]
--enable-icons | compile with (xpm) icons support (depends on fbui) [default=yes]
--enable-zaurus | compile Sharp Zaurus specific code to read mtd partitioning from paraminfo NAND area [default=no]
--enable-zimage | enable looking for zImage kernel when no boot.cfg is found [default=yes]
--enable-uimage | enable looking for uImage kernel when no boot.cfg is found [default=no]
--enable-machine-kernel | enable looking for machine-specific zImage kernel [default=no]
--enable-devices-recreating | re-create device nodes in /dev when scanning devices [default=yes]
--enable-debug | enable debug output [default=no]
--enable-host-debug | allow for non-destructive executing of kexecboot on host system [default=no]
--enable-bg-buffer | enable special buffer to hold pre-drawed FB GUI background (speedup UI redraw) [default=no]
--enable-numkeys | allow to choose menu item by 0-9 keys [default=yes]
--enable-devtmpfs | mount devtmpfs at startup in init-mode [default=yes] --enable-timeout[=sec] | allow to boot 1st kernel after timeout in seconds [default=no]
--enable-delay[=sec] | specify delay before devices scanning for slow devices to arrive (CF cards mostly) [default=1]
--enable-bpp[=list] | enable support of specified bpp modes only (all,32,24,18,16,4,2,1) [default=all]
--enable-fb-transfer-width[=bits] | choose RAM to framebuffer transfer width (32/16/8) [default=32]
--enable-evdev-rate[=first_delay,repeat_delay] | change evdev (keyboard/mouse) repeat rate (in milliseconds) [default=no] (will use 1000,250 if 'yes' specified)
--with-kexec-binary | look for kexec binary at path [default="/usr/sbin/kexec"]
--with-ubiattach-binary | look for kexec binary at path [default="/usr/sbin/ubiattach"]
--enable-ubi-vid-hdr-offset[=bytes] | UBI VID header offset [default=no]

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