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Widget Builder for Umbraco v6

What is it?

Checkout the Video Demo or the blog from Maria Lind.

Widget Builder is on-the-fly fieldset management and gives editors the flexibility to add what they need when they need it.

Comes with several native property types and is compatible with some 3rd-party property editors like DAMP.

  • Allows editors to add fields at run-time.
  • Set permissions on a per Widget or a per Widget Property level.
  • Use the Umbraco data type editor to setup your custom widget.
  • Attach custom JS/CSS files to your Widget.

Note: This is not compatible with Umbraco v7. For similiar v7 functionality see Umbraco Archetype.

No Longer Active

Note that this project has run its course. This means no active development is planned but pull-requests will be considered.


This project is now released under the MIT license and free to use. A paid support license is available if needed. Visit the doc portal for more details.


All project documentation is on the doc portal. Visit the doc portal here.

Where did version 1 go?

Version 2 and version 1 were merged and v1 is now deprecated. Version 2 is free to use and you can upgrade from v1 to v2 by following instructions in the doc portal.

Known Issues

Widget Builder isn't perfect, here is a list of known issues:

  • WB does not play nice with the 'Related Links' data type. Please use the uComponents Multi-Url Picker instead.
  • WB's RTE (TinyMCE) implementation has an issue with 'Insert Macro'. At this time it does not work.
  • WB's RTE (TinyMCE) implementation has an issue with the 'styles' dropdown being misplaced at times. There is no fix at this time.
  • WB's RTE (TinyMCE) implementation had an issue with Umbraco v6.1.x when sorted. There is now a fix! Replace your /umbraco/Plugins/WidgetBuilder/WidgetBuilder.js with this.