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An Objective-C library for uploading shots to Dribbble.

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BBBouncePass is an Objective-C library for uploading shots to Dribbble. There is no official api for doing this so BBBouncePass wraps up all the nasty raw HTTP calls required to accomplish this into a simple api.

#import "BBBouncePass.h"
BBBouncePass *dribbble = [BBBouncePass passWithDelegate:self];
dribbble.username = @"username";
dribbble.password = @"password";
[dribbble shootImageNamed:@"test_image.png" 
                     name:@"A Test Image"

BBBouncePass was originally developed for Coaches Loupe.

BBBouncePass uses Hpple. All the necessary files from Hpple are included with BBBouncePass but you'll need to read their setup docs for information on how to add libxml2 to your project.

Thanks to Jonathan Badeen for helping with the code and letting me use his Dribbble account for testing.

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