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Mini guide for Core2 hardware
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This repo is mainly used as a getting started with page with Core2 series hardware running on OpenCore. There's also some sample EFIs for a few hardware configurations I've ran with:

Install process

  1. Get macOS: GibmacOS
  2. Build installer: createinstallmedia
  3. Enable legacy booting: Legacy Install
  4. Build rest of installer
  5. Boot and install as usual
  6. Mojave and newer users: After install's all done, you'll likely hit a grey screen with nothing else. This is due to the SSE4 requirement that our Dumpster is missing. The fix is to swap the telemetry plugin found under System/Library/UserEventPlugins/ with one from High Sierra

OpenCore Specifics


  • SMBIOS: iMac10,1 or iMac13,2
    • Depends on the OS, Mojave+ doesn't support iMac10,1
  • FadtEnableReset: True
    • Needed for proper shutdown/restarts
  • RebaseRegions: True
    • Only needed when running a custom DSDT like with the HP DC7900

Besides that, everything else works as stock

Firmware Drivers(.efi):


No specific SSDTs required to boot, though SSDT-EC is recommended for loading AppleBusPowerController on Mojave and older


The main ones are as follows:

Ethernet gets a bit more complicated as we're going into the depths of legacy hackintosh kexts, so support on Catalina can be a bit sketchy:

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