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A simple Grunt build system to optimise sites exported with Webflow.
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Boltflow.xzy 💨 🖥

Make your static Webflow site even more awesome in just a few minutes.

About this project.

Webflow is a powerful website creation tool that has many great performance boosting features and tips, however when exporting sites to host externally we have the chance to further improve performance. However, setting up a new environment and writing optimization scripts can be time consuming, especially when your site is ready to launch.

With you can be be ready to deploy with a few basic commands in your terminal. Your site will be neatly packaged, optimized and ready to deploy anywhere you want.

Let's get started.

There are a couple things you will need to make sure Grunt runs correctly. Firstly make sure you have Node installed. Then test NPM is installed by typing the following in your terminal.

npm -v

Then, export your Webflow site code, unzip it and copy the contents of this Github repository to the Webflow website directory you just unzipped.

To get the repo type the following command.

git clone

Up and Running

To get things up and running simply navigate to your website directory using the terminal or command line and install the dependancies with the following.

npm install

Then once everything is installed, run the following command.


Finishing Touches

Simply run the comman css file to grunt boltflow and watch our system do it's magic! Our website structure will automagically look a little something like this depending on how many pages you have etc.

├── assets
│   └── css
│   	└── main.css
│   └── js
│   	└── scripts.js
├── build
│   └── css
│   	└── main.min.css
│   └── js
│   	└── scripts.min.js
├── css
│   └── main.css
│   └── normalize.css
│   └── webflow.css
├── images
│   └── ...
├── js
│   └── webflow.js
├── index.html

Final Notes

Just make sure to remove css/normalize.css css/webflow.css and css/<your-project-name.webflow.css> and, like our CSS, remove the js/webflow.js link and any other js files included (i.e js/<your-project-name.webflow.js>.

If you are using an exact clone of this repo make sure update your index.html and any other pages to build/css/main.min.css. Do the same with the javascript file links. Change to build/js/scripts.min.js.

Support Me

Check out my YouTube video tutorial to help you use this system 👍 Happy coding 🎉

Feel free to donate to help me spend more time developing and launching sweet tools like this ☕️🙏

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