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A small mod that adds in a variety of tails

Build and setup

The standard build task will generate a shaded and non shaded version, with the non shaded having the nonshaded classifier Before it can be built however, a workspace must be setup.


To setup a workspace for general develop run gradle setupDecompWorkspace This will automatically download all required dependencies

To setup a workspace for CI building, run gradle setupCIWorkspace


The standard build can be run by running gradle build which will output a shaded and nonshaded jar including sources.

To only generate a nonshaded jar, run gradle reobfJar
To generate only a sources jar, run gradle sourcejar
To generate only a shaded jar, run gradle reobfShadowJar


A maven repository is available at

To include this as a dependency in your project, add the following replacing <version> with the version you want.

repositories {
    maven {
        name = 'Kihira Maven'
        url = ''
dependencies {
    deobfCompile "uk.kihira.tails:Tails:<version>:nonshaded"

Submitted PR's

I use a git flow system so master is used for releases, develop for development etc. You can read more about it here or a quick cheatsheet here

Basically if you want to submit a language patch, submit it against the develop branch. Read here on how to change branches when submitting a PR

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