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Base project for Selenium 2 (WebDriver) projects.
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selenium2-base -- A base project for Selenium test projects


selenium2-base project can be used as basis for Selenium web automation projects. It uses TestNG to execute Selenium2/WebDriver tests. You can build plain tests or use Page Objects to help you automating your solution.

Another feature in this project is Data Driven Testing. Through the use of Excel in conjunction with TestNG Data Provider you are able to put all your test data in Excel sheets that will be consumed by your tests.

Last, but not least, this solutions generates TAP, what means you can extend your test results. One result of it, is that you can take screen shots of your tests (except if you are using HTML Driver) and TAP will save them for you. If you integrate these tests in Jenkins with Jenkins TestLink Plug-in, then the plug-in will know how to upload your screen shots as attachments for the tests in TestLink.

Building selenium2-base

It is a Java Maven project. In order to build it you will need download the source code and execute mvn -e -X clean install. If everything goes fine you will see a BUILD SUCCESS message near the end of the console log.

Final notes

Big thanks here to Cesar Almeida Fernandes, who helped me to do write this code. Please, consult the Javadoc for instructions on how to use the objects.

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