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How to use:

  • Make sure you've installed Python 3.7 64 bit. During installation:
    • Select "Add Python to PATH"
    • Make sure pip is included in the installation
  • Clone this repository by running: git clone --recursive
  • Ensure that rlbot is installed on python by running rlbot/run.bat. You can shut it down again if it works.
  • Make sure you have CMake. If you don't have it, visit and run the Windows win64-x64 Installer.
  • If you'd like to use Visual Studio for development:
    • Download Visual Studio from
    • In a command prompt (use a fresh one if you just installed cmake), navigate to the folder and run cmake .
    • Open Visual Studio and open the .sln file which now exists in the folder.
    • Confirm that Build->Build Solution works.
    • Right click on CPPExampleBot in the solution explorer and choose 'Set as StartUp Project'
    • Start a match by executing rlbot/run.bat
    • Choose Debug->Start Debugging (or F5), or press the green play button in Visual Studio.
    • Open up and start changing stuff! Visual Studio has a restart button you can press (or Ctrl+Shift+F5) when you want to recompile and try your new changes.


The rlbot framework has the ability to launch the bot executable automatically. This is usefull when sharing your bot and usually required when you enter a tournament.

In order to get auto-starting to work you will need to do the following things.

  • Build your bot executable.
  • Set the cpp_executable_path field in rlbot/CppPythonAgent.cfg so it points to the bot executable. It is recommended to copy your bot executable to the rlbot folder to make this process easier.


  • People might have issues when trying to run your bot if you have compiled it in debug mode. It is better to compile in release mode when you want to share your bot with others.
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