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<<<<<<< HEAD OpenStreetMap (OSM) geocoder

Main purpose of this project is easy to use geocoder/geoindexer.

Project consists of two parts: Gazetteer and GazetteerWeb


Gazetteer used to parse osm data and do all dirty work with geometry.

You can use Gazetteer as standalone osm processor, to dump addresses from osm.

You can ignore GazetteerWeb and use data in your own geocoding/geosearching applications. Take an osm.bz2 dump and generate json with

  • full geocoded buildins
  • full geocoded POIs
  • streets
  • cyties
  • administrative boundaries

Details are here

You could find data extracts here:


GazetteerWeb is a second part of the project. You may take it as example implementation of search engine for Gazetteer generated data or use it for your own purposes.

Details are here

Live demo map: (covers Russia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina)