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Abandoned remake of with modular media plugins and no server-side code
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GifSound 2

Improved gif + sound mashups

GifSound 2 is an abandoned prototype of a gif/audio syncing web app. It was created in a week to gague the interest of Reddit's /r/gifsound community. The moderators weren't interested and my uni holiday ended so I abandoned the project.

It's fallen into disrepair but you could probably get it working with some spit and grease.

Features (current)

  • Syncs gif and sound start time
  • No server-side code
  • Modular gif/sound plugins (easy to add support for new gif/sound embeds)


Feel free to have a crack at getting this thing working again. If you want to take over the project I can give you the domain


Please direct suggestions, questions, sexy nudes and hate mail to kittsville(at) or pester me on Twitter (@kittsville) or message me on Reddit.

Legal does not host any of the gifs or sounds that make gifsounds. GifSound2 embeds that content from 3rd parties. If you see a gifsound you don't like then please contact the gif host (,, etc.) or the sound host (,, etc.) and ask them to take it down. I cannot take down what I am not hosting, just as I can't move a parked car that I do not own and did not park.

All gifsounds are the responsibility of their creators.


GPL v2 or later

3rd Party Software Used


By Tobias Ahlin

CSS loading spinners


License: MIT

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