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Sharing Web content with people without Internet access. Go offline!

Store any website on your mobile phone or computer, easily.
This project is tested with BrowserStack.


  1. kiwix-android kiwix-android Public

    Kiwix for Android

    Kotlin 806 437

  2. kiwix-apple kiwix-apple Public

    Kiwix for offline access on iOS and macOS

    Swift 434 69

  3. kiwix-js kiwix-js Public

    Fully portable & lightweight ZIM reader in Javascript

    JavaScript 272 127

  4. kiwix-tools kiwix-tools Public

    Command line Kiwix tools: kiwix-serve, kiwix-manage, ...

    C++ 395 76

  5. kiwix-desktop kiwix-desktop Public

    Kiwix for Windows and GNU/Linux desktops

    C++ 674 88

  6. libkiwix libkiwix Public

    Common code base for all Kiwix ports

    C++ 108 53


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