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Munin - MySQL

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Munin plugin for showing graphs of MySQL resource usage.


  1. Download zip file from Github and unzip (
  2. Install dependencies
    • munin-node
    • Perl modules: DBI, DBD::mysql, Module::Pluggable
  3. Edit Makefile
  4. Edit mysql.conf
  5. Run `make install'

Further Information

The plugin documentation is contained in the plugin file as POD. View it with perldoc.

There is a blog post with some general information and screenshots at

The information on should be relevant (As these munin graphs are heavily inspired by Xaprb's cacti graphs.)


There is a wiki at

Source code

The source is hosted at github:



Kjell-Magne Øierud <kjellm AT oierud DOT net>

Inspired by the cacti graphs made by Xaprb as viewed on

This plugin also contains changes from the upstream munin mysql plugin. See the list of contributors.