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How to Install Kleeja

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Download Kleeja

Download latest version Kleeja from here:

Upload Kleeja files to your website

After downloading Kleeja, you will have an archive zip file, after extracting it, you will have a folder titled "kleeja"


  • Folder "Kleeja" is what you have to upload to your website using any FTP application.

  • You could rename Kleeja folder to anything like "up" which is short for upload.

  • If you want to not have Kleeja on a sub folder, then upload only the contents of kleeja folder to your website, so you will get kleeja on instead of

Request Kleeja Installation Wizard

  • Note: This step comes after uploading Kleeja contents to your website.

  • Then using any browser, request this link Where:

    • is your domain.

    • kleeja is the folder where you upload Kleeja contents.

Installation Wizard Steps

  • First step you will have a languages choices, choose your langauge.

  • Then you will see information about Kleeja, click "next"

  • Then a step with Install icon, click install.

  • After that you will see the license page, click "next" for accepting it.

  • Then there will be a page for server functions check, if nothing wrong a "next" button will appear, click it. If not, make sure you fix the errors that will appear before moving on.

  • The next step will require a database information. Fill the information and click "next". (You can create database from Cpanel)

  • Kleeja will try to create a configuration file in this step, if Kleeja can not create it, it will give it to you so you could upload it manually before you can continue.

  • Then, Kleeja in this step will check the connection and MySQL version, click "next" if everything is ok.

  • Now, Kleeja will ask you to fill some information about your site, like website name and your admin account.

  • Kleeja then will create database tables, click "next".

  • Congratulations, Kleeja is installed, and all you have to do is to delete "install" folder.

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