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How to update upgrade Kleeja

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Download Latest Version of Kleeja

Download latest version Kleeja from here:

Upload Kleeja files to your website

After downloading Kleeja, you will have an archive zip file, after extracting it, you will have a folder titled "kleeja"

  • Upload all files from kleeja folder to your website using any FTP application to replace old files, except "uploads" folder.

Request Kleeja Upgrade Wizard

  • Note: This step comes after uploading Kleeja contents to your website.

  • Then using any browser, request this link Where:

    • is your domain.

    • kleeja is the folder where you upload Kleeja contents to.

  • Go through all the steps until you get "update" button. click it.

  • If there is an update to the database, Kleeja will display that to you, if there is an update. choose it and continue.

Congratulations. Kleeja is updated now.

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